angularjs developer – a new factor for development in technology world

Nowaday, software has existed everywhere. In really, the demand for developer still in high level, especially for Angularjs developer. 

Vietnam is one of the proactive technology human resources markets. Moreover, in 2017 hot technology trends in the world  will impact IT market in Vietnam. Catch this, Lienket software company has plan to develop angular.js programer.

angularjs developer

angularjs developer

Angularjs –  the important access for developer

Angularjs is an open source web application framework commonly used to build Single Page Application (SPA) projects. Angolar.js can run on web such as ios or android. So that, this point helps developer can flexibility use in the work. Beside, with the advantaged, Angularjs is easier approach to user.

Create utilities – the job of angularjs developer

Beside popular languages like Java, Node.js, Ruby… Angularjs is also favored. The major jobs of developer are web design, mobile app. In other hand, it helps developer a general view about technology. Beside  assess, analyze problems skills, Angularjs developer need to creation. .

Lien ket software – where incubate the talents in the future

Throught many experience years in program, the company focused on training talent factors in program fields, especially by Angularjs. About this point, we confident about our ability, experience as well as enthusiasm. In the future, Lien Ket  software will create more technology products , bring quality and trademark for user.

Hotline to contact us: 0986 983 766. is always the trust adress for every one.

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