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Welcome to Lien Ket software company! We would like to introduce about our company.

Lien ket software was founded in August, 2016, company size from 5-10 people. The company specializes about application software, mobile apps included iOS, Android, website development, outsourcing, programming training education, and product. Especially, We are focusing on software outsourcing. Java, Node.js, Swift, Kotlin – the top technology in the world are used.

We are welcome to corporate to any partners around the world to do business in software fields and education.

We have completed many projects in Vietnam for individuals and company. The below projects are the most popular projects that are M teacher and HQH (E commercial)

M teacher

  • M teacher is the education app, running on iOS and Android.
  • The major  technology are used: spring MVC for backend server, Swift for ios and Java for android.
  • Functions of M teacher:
    • Teacher and Student take part in Q&A forums. Whenever students have questions, they user app to post in. They need charge a fee per question. After that, Any teachers will receive a notification about the question. The teacher accept to join and answer the question quickly. Teacher can get money from system.
    • Review teacher, social login, coin management, quiz for teacher, etc
  • This project is completed within 60 days and get the positive feedback of customer.

HQH E-commerce

  • As well as M teacher,E comercial use spring MVC for admin, Swift for ios and java for android.
  • Function of HQH:
    • Online shopper can buy, order goods on the app. Besides, they can receive the notification about shopping news, promotional news on HQH.
    • In addition, admin can manage the orders of the customers, staff, revenue, Items are sold monthly.
  • The HQH is considered to be a very useful app for both buyer and sellers.
Lien ket software

Lien ket software

Vietnam is the potential software market with many positive advantages. The employees are very young, enthusiastic, and responsibility in the jobs. Besides, Technology is supported for the development of the country.  So that, there are many opportunities to not only big companys but also startups

Lien ket software is the startup company. Catching up with the trend of the country, We are focusing to IT market in Vietnam, base on demand of customers about software services, mobile apps, website, etc.

Now, we open to corporate with the partners to develop together, go to bigger dream. In the future, We dream to develop products that can apply not only in Vietnam but also other countries.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Hotline to contact us: 0986 983 766. email:

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