Offshore software company – seeking development opportunity

Now, Lien ket software has a strong position in software technology in Vietnam. However, the company want to develop to the offshore software company. 

In the technology world, the best way to exist is develop. Because, the world changes day by day. In the past, the people can’t imagine about chatting with their friend in a distance of hundreds kilometers. However, nowaday, it completely can happen. So Lien ket software always find the chances to develop more and more.

offshore software company

offshore software company

the target of  the offshore software company

Develop overseas market

Lien ket software is known as the leading software company in Vietnam. Really, Lien ket software is one of the most popular key when Vietnam people think about the software company. We are so successful in Vietnam, we want to grow even further in the overseas markets. It is a challenge for us. Because, There are many reputable company in the world, the beginning of Lien ket software will be difficult. However, It is opportunity for us to approach to the modern technology.

cooperate with international partners.

Now, we are finding more and more partners in the long term to develop together. We want to create international products. Besides, we hope to our product can come to every people in the world. In another hand, Some developed technology market, such as: US, England, Japan, China… are the suitable environment for us can learn and develop.

Bring the Vietnam brand to the world.

Vietnam is developing country. So that, the country has many potential to develop. Besides, lien ket software company want to bring Vietnam closer to the world. We believe in the future of Vietnam. To promote the development of Vietnam, not only The company but also all the enterprises need to try the best to create the best products.

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