Offshore software outsourcing company – international brand

The target of Lien ket software company is to become the offshore software outsourcing company. Now, the company is focusing on provide developers.

For any career, Human resources is one of the most important factor. So that, Lien ket software is training the developers for enterprises. And the developers of the company achieve quality not only in Vietnam.

offshore software outsourcing

offshore software outsourcing

The developers off the offshore software outsourcing company

Good knowledge, good skill

The developers of the company have many information about technology. Because, they graduated from the top technology university around the world. Besides, they can work with the most popular programming languages, such as: java, node.js, angularjs, ect.

Experience in programming

We completed many products and receive many satisfied of the customer. M teacher and E commercial are the highlight projects of us. They are based on ios and android operating system. The admin will receive the notification when the users have any question . The advantages of apps are very easy to use, save money, save time, ect.

Foreign languages is the advantage of developers.

English is the second languages of us. We speak, write, listen, communicate in English. Besides, we always try the best to improve the English skill. Moreover, the developers also learn Japan and China languages. Because, We know the importance of languages.

Hotline to contact us:0986 983 766. is always the best choice for you.




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