Lien ket software – the leading software company in vietnam

Lien ket software is considered as the reputable software company in Vietnam, which specializes on writing apps, designing webs.

Nowadays, software companies are very popular with everyone. However, it is very difficult to find the reputable, reliable company as Lien ket software company. Over many years, Lien ket software has the strong position in the technology market. Why does the company reach the succeed?

The high quality staffs

  • Firstly, knowlegde: 100 % staffs of company graduated from the top technology university around the country.
  • Secondly, experience: The company has completed many projects. Besides, We have many chances to operate with domestic and internal partner.
  • Thirdly, skills: All developers can use java, swiff 3, node.js, angularjs fluently.

Grasp the technological advances of the world

  • Lien ket software writes app on ios and android operating system. ios and android accounts for the biggest market technology.
  • Java, node.js, angularjs are major programming languages.
  • Besides, the developers use the most modern technology for programing.

Lien ket software – the software company in Vietnam

We are very proud of  being a member of vietnam software company. With the mission, the company always would like to bring the highest products for the customers. In addition, the company is the close environment for developer. In the future, the target of the company is to cooperate with more partner, especially foreign partner. The company would like to bring the brand of Vietnam technology to the world.

Hotline to contact us: 0986 983 766. is the best friend for all.

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