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Lien ket software is the software development outsourcing company. Over many years, we always  ensure the quality of the products. 

The company is always looking for credibility in business. So that, we receive the believe of the customers. Now, besides web design, write mobile app, we focus on providing developer to catch the trend of the world.

software development outsourcing

software development outsourcing

Let explore the software development outsourcing company

The professional staff

  • firstly, all developers graduated from the top technology university around the world.
  • Secondly, They have many chances to access the high technological of the world throughout the foreign projects.
  • Thirdly, They have many experience in programming. The developer completed hundreds of project. M teacher and E commercial are the proud of the company.

The most modern technology in the world

  • Operating system: Now, ios and android hold the highest market share. In the future, we believe that our apps will develop more and more.
  • programming language: Java, node.js, angular.js… are the main language.
  • Besides, the company use the most advanced programing technology. In addition, we always attend to the security. Because it relates to the benefit of the customer.

The best price in the market

In the outsourcing, We are confident that our price is the best price in the market. We bring to the customer the best products with the best price.

Hotline to contact us: 0986 983 766. is always the best friend of every one.

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