Student-Teacher Forum Mobile Application

Project Name: “Student-Teacher Forum”

Project details:

  • This is a cross-platform application that work on iOS, Android and Website.
  • The idea of this app is that one student can post a question  then system will send notifications to all teachers. Then, teachers  can answer question of student.
  • Beside that, only one teacher can answer one student at the same time. It means no more two teachers can answer one question.
  • Moreover, system has point management. Student need point to post questions, and teachers will get point when they answer questions correctly.
  • However, student can report teachers or rate teacher with their answers.
  • There is a time limitation. One question last longest 10 minutes, if no teacher answer, question will be deleted
  • This application also integrate with social login such as facebook & google. User can register account quickly.

Main Key Features:

  • Mobile Notification  is main ideas of this application. It’s free and very powerful feature on mobile (iOS & Android, Website).
  • Instead of traditional ways such as sms, email, phone call. They’re expensive and less connective. Notification is best now because all people use smart phone and have internet connection in Vietnam.

Technology Insider:

  • Website & Web Service: Java 8, Spring 4 Framework, Quartz 2, Hibernate 5, MySql.
  • Mobile notification: Firebase
  • Android: Java 
  • iOS: Swift 3

Teach details:

  • Spring 4 Framework: – Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Social Integration, Spring Restful Service, Spring Quartz, Spring Hibernate

App Images:

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