vietnam outsourcing company – Going ahead of the future

Lien ket software is the vietnam outsourcing company. Now, the company has the strong position in Vietnam technology market.

Today, software is the popular key with everybody. Thanks to development of technology, the world is change everyday. So that, the enterprises begin to business on Website. So that, they need the outsourcing company to help the IT problem.


vietnam outsourcing

What does the Vietnam outsourcing company include?

The high quality developers.

  • Firstly, the developers of the company have graduated from the top universities around the world. So that, they have knowledge and skills to completed the jobs.
  • Secondly, They have many experience in programming. Besides, the developers completed a lot of projects.
  • Thirdly, We have responsibility on work. We are ready to face to the difficult issues. Moreover, The developers always improve the quality products to pleased the customers.

The most advanced technology in the world

  • the operating system: We use ios and android as the main OS. Because ios and android are the most popular OS in the world. As you can see, almost users use ios and android mobile.
  • The programing languages: Java, node.js, angularjs are the most popular programming languages in the world.
  • Besides, The developers always update the advanced technology to improve the products

The best product with the best price

The company has created many products to serve the customer. Inside, M teacher and E commercial are the highlight apps of the company. With the apps, the admin will receive the notification if the users have any question. The apps helped users in solving the jobs. And we take many good feedback from the customers.

In the future, Lien ket software would like to cooperate with the foreign partner in the long term to develop together. Moreover, We want to bring the Vietnam brand to the world. We hope Vietnam will become a dragon of asia.

Hotline to contact us: 0986 983 766. is always the best choice for you.




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