Lien Ket software – the top of Vietnam software company

Lien Ket software is known as a leading Vietnam software company. The company is a pride in technology section not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

Nowaday, Lien ket software is focus on 3 major field: mobile app, web design, and provide development. With competitive advantage, we are confident about quality product that we take for user.

Vietnam Software company

Vietnam Software company

Mobile app – using the best operating system

Lien Ket software focus on 3 operating system, including ios, android, and window phone. They are very popular for all user mobile app in the world. Evidence is millions people are using ios, android and window phone on mobile. Therefore, we recognized mobile app is a potential market to develop technology on mobile. Besides, we designed applications which can access closer to user.


Web design – advantage of Vietnam software company

In the web design field, Lien Ket software is a company capable of designing web by 3 importance programme language, including Java, Nope.jv, Angular.jv. v.v.v… Similarly, Lien Ket software has years of experience in web design field. So, we have created trust in our customer. Hundreds big and small projects had completed and successfull over customer’s expectation. Almost webs which were designed by Lien ket software, always on top in Google search.

Provider development

Beside the fields of expertise, the company also focus on outsoursing, especially on human. We try to  find the staff human resources, who have years of experience in mobile app in general. Along with, we are training and concentrating to train. By our responsibility and experience, we ensure to create the most satisfaction for our partners. Moreover, We also enhance maketing to access closer technology world, not only in Asia but also in the World. In recent years, We have operated market in many fields, such as maketing, transportation, technology education…

Hotline contact us: 0986983786. is always the best choice for all customers.

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